Seneca County Park District Hunting

Seneca County Park District offers public hunting in a portion of Steyer Nature Preserve (SNP) by registration. Steyer Nature Preserve offers approximately 90 acres of public hunting adjacent to ODNR Sugar Creek State Wildlife Area. Registration must be filled out during each visit to hunt Steyer Nature Preserve.  The registration box is located at the Hunter’s Parking Lot on E. TR 148.  The hunting zone of Steyer Nature Preserve is open for hunting of small game and deer.  Hunting after dark is NOT permitted.  Hunting is permitted under specific guidelines subject to annual change.  Hunting at SNP is permitted November 1st through January 31st. Hunting is used as a land management tool while providing recreation to the public.  Please note that public hunting could be discontinued or suspended because of the implementation of park plans, programs, events, maintenance or other reasons deemed by park management needs.  Thus, information regarding public hunting at Steyer Nature Preserve should be referred to regularly.  Hunters enter the property at their own risk.  Some hazards such as ravines, holes, tree roots, barbed wire fencing, debris, fallen trees, and other hunters could be encountered while hunting.  Caution should be exercised.   Property boundaries to the east of Steyer Nature Preserve (between SNP and Sugar Creek Wildlife Area will be marked with yellow marking posts.  Property boundaries in the north portion of the hunting zone of SNP will be marked with red marking posts.  Under no circumstance should a hunter cross the red marking posts to the north.  We encourage hunters to familiarize themselves with northern boundaries prior to entering the hunting zone during low light conditions.  The hunting zone is closed to hikers from November 1st through January 31st.

All Hunters Must:

  • Must have a valid state hunting license and all necessary permits
  • Meet hunter orange requirements during hunting seasons
  • Waterfowl hunting is not permitted (not considered small game)
  • Hunters under the age of 18 must also register and be accompanied by a responsible registered adult
  • Pushing or driving of the property is not permitted for deer hunting
  • Use the hunting parking lot to access Steyer Nature Preserve when hunting
  • Please refer to for complete Ohio Hunting Regulations

Tree Stands:

  • No permanent tree stands or permanent blinds are permitted
  • Climbing-type tree stands generally used for deer hunting are allowed
  • Tree stands and blinds must have owners name and address attached to the stand or blind (Engraving tree stands in a visible location is recommended)
  • All blinds must be removed daily 
  • All tree stands left 14 days after the end of SCPD yearly hunting season will be confiscated
  • Nails, spikes, or screw steps and devices may not be used

In addition to all Park District Rules and Regulations, Ohio Revised Code Laws, and ODNR Hunting Regulations will be enforced.  Note: ODNR Wildlife Officers make inspections of the property and check permits often. The SCPD reserves the right to deny hunting for just cause to anyone.

For questions or for additional information please call the Park Office at 419-447-8091 or you may use our contact form