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Erythronium americanum 
Description: Perennial from bulb, often colonial from shoots. Essentially stemless, a pair of brown-spotted green leaves arising from bulb, lemon-yellow flowers with six strongly recurved tepals, fruit thick capsule.
Distribution: Statewide
Blooms: March - April

Claytonia virginica
Description: Small, delicate perennial from deeply buried tuber from which two or more stems arise. Leaves two, opposite, straplike and somewhat succulent. Flowers whitish to more commonly tinged heavily with pink due to prominent colored nectar guides on petals.
Distribution: Statewide
Blooms: March - May

Sanguinaria canadensis
Description: Large showy flower with numerous white petals; ephemeral, petals often falling within a day. Single leaf enwraps stem at flowering time, eventually expands into a large rounded leaf with lobed margins and deep basal sinus.
Distribution: Statewide
Blooms: March - April

Erigenia bulbosa
Description: Elfin perennial, often only an inch or two in height. One or two highly dissected parsley-like leaves arise from the upper stem. Tiny white flowers with contrasting purplish anthers born in small umbels.
Distribution: Statewide
Blooms: February - April

Trillium sessile
Description: Perennial, low-statured trillium, often only 6-8 inches high.Whorl of three leaves at summit, these sessile. Maroon (rarely pale yellow) flowers with petals stiffly erect.
Distribution: Statewide
Blooms: April - May

Dicentra cucullaria
Description: Delicate low perennial with highly dissected leaves arising from clusters of tubers coalesced into a bulb. Distinctive white flowers dangle from pendant pedicels in elongate racemes.
Distribution: Statewide
Blooms: March - May

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