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We are pleased to offer eclipse viewing opportunities at Garlo Heritage Nature Preserve, located at 6777 S. State Route 19, Bloomville OH 44818. Garlo is a unique 302-acre nature preserve in Seneca County, Ohio. Event day viewing and overnight camping options are available.


Event Day Parking - April 8th
Garlo Heritage Nature Preserve, 6777 S. State Route 19, Bloomville OH 44818

- 47 parking spaces are available in the paved parking lot. Overflow parking availability will be determined on April 8, as conditions allow.

- The cost is $20 per vehicle upon entrance, cash only.  

- The parking lot opens at 7:00 AM

- First Come - First Served

- No overnight parking is permitted here. If your vehicle is left on the premises after sunset (8 PM), you will be charged and/or towed at your expense.  Minimum $150 fee per offense.

Only standard-sized vehicles are permitted (that fit into normal parking spaces).  If you take up multiple spaces, you will be charged accordingly.  No “group” parking (i.e. buses/motorcoaches, semi-trucks, or other oversized vehicles permitted (it is a small parking lot).

Overflow Parking: depending on the weather and ground conditions, a small overflow grass lot may be available, but will be determined with day-of conditions.   



Campsites are available to reserve for the evenings of April 6-8
Garlo Heritage Nature Preserve Equestrian Lot, 6647 S. State Route 19, Bloomville OH 44818
35 overnight campsites are available off the main gravel drive of the Equestrian Lot.

- The cost is $175 for the evenings of April 6-8. There is one standard fee that covers the entire time frame. Discounts will not be given for reduced stay durations. No refunds.

- Campsites are for tents, individual passenger vehicles, and small campers only (no doubling of vehicles or other non-registered visitor vehicles permitted in these spaces). All spaces are approximately 25’ x 50’. Additional parking for any accompanying vehicles is available in a grass lot for $25 a day,  reservable online in advance.  

- A maximum of 6 people is permitted per site.  No “group” parking or oversized vehicles (i.e. buses/group motorcoaches, semi-trucks, or other oversized vehicles permitted.  Total vehicle-trailer length cannot exceed 50’. 

- Campfires are permitted in designated areas, and bundles of firewood are available for purchase onsite, for $10 each. Refreshments are available for purchase onsite, including pre-packaged snacks and beverages. Port-a-Pots are available, but there are no showers. No water or electric hookups.





On April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will cross a large portion of Ohio. The Ohio Division of Wildlife invites citizen scientists like you to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to record eclipse-related animal behavior with the iNaturalist app! 

How does Ohio wildlife respond to the once-in-a-lifetime event of a total solar eclipse? There is some evidence that wildlife life reacts to the environmental changes that occur during a total solar eclipse. As the sky darkens and the temperature drops, birds reportedly stop singing, spiders may tear down their webs, and gray squirrels retreat to their dens, among other observed behaviors. Much of these reports, however, are anecdotal or documented with captive animals. 

Participants will observe during the eclipse and then submit their observations about what changes they noticed in animal behavior and sounds during the 2024 total solar eclipse. We encourage everyone to observe using the senses available to them. Solar eclipses can be multisensory experiences! So we hope to receive observations about what people hear, see, feel, and more!

Click here for more information on Ohio Wildlife Eclipse Observations.


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