Special Events

Please click here for 2021 Summer Camp Registration.

The Seneca County Park District offers a variety of summer camps which provide outdoor experiences for all ages. We strive to have educational experiences, but fun at the same time. Please look through our selection of camps and chose which one suits you.

Experiences may include:

  • Hiking
  • Canoeing/Rafting
  • Birding
  • Camp fire cooking
  • Outdoor games
  • Some literacy
  • Pond/steam ecology
  • Forest ecology
  • Fishing
  • Nature exploration
  • Bug-ology
  • Tracks and scat
  • And more…..

Amateur photographers of all ages and skill levels are invited to participate in the Seneca Parks 21st Annual Photo Contest! Deadline for entry is June 30, 2021. A public viewing will be held on July 11, 2021. Complete details can be found in our Photo Entry Guidelines. Questions can be directed to Linda Rose at 419-447-8091 Ext 105 or Lrose@senecacountyparks.com


Sasquatch has come to your Seneca Parks! Find clues about which park Squatch is visiting throughout 2021 by checking here on our website, or find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/SenecaCountyParks. Use the clues to figure out which park he's in, then hike the park and take a picture of him!

Sasquatch Clue #7: Squatch was sighted at yet another cooperative park yesterday. A young lady was jogging at this Seneca Park when she heard a low howl in the brush. She had just walked over one of the branches of Wolf creek and had been enjoying the birds singing when it went completely quiet. It was an eerie feeling, as if she were being watched. As she continued jogging the milelong trail she saw movement out of the corner of her eye. The frogs had just started to sing when she saw an upright creature walking from behind a downed tree. Off in the distance she could her laughter from the many people training for an athletic competition.

Sightings: Email your documented sightings to Angie Ford at aford@senecacountyparks.comSightings should include a photo of Squatch along with the location where he was seen, and the date and time of the sighting. PLEASE KEEP PLENTY OF SPACE BETWEEN YOURSELF AND THE CREATURE - NO SELFIES WITH SQUATCH! If possible, include the name of the trail he was seen from. Include a comment about a favorite part of the park where you saw Squatch, or something you liked about it. 

Some photos and comments will be featured on Facebook!

Prizes: For 5-15 documented sightings, people will get a patch or medallion. The prize for 15-20 sightings is a Seneca Squatch mug or hat (two per family), and people who submit more than 20 sightings will be placed in a drawing to win a Seneca Sasquatch prize package!


In celebrating the 25th Anniversary of The Seneca County Park District, we will challenge you each month to find 25 things within Seneca County and/or its county parks. Each month will be a different challenge (parks, birds, trees, etc). Please print off this sheet and list your findings. Keep the form and do the same each month. In December 2021, email your lists to Lrose@senecacountyparks.com or mail/drop off your forms to Seneca County Park District, 3362 S TR 151, Tiffin OH 44883. If you have completed 6 months of challenges, you will receive a prize! Questions can be mailed to Lrose@senecacountyparks.com or call 419-447-8091 x105.

January 2021 challenge: is to locate 25 parks and preserves within Seneca County. These can be township, village, city, county, or state.

February 2021 challenge: is to locate 25 Bird Species within Seneca County.

March 2021 challenge: is to locate 25 Tree/Shrub Species within Seneca County.

April 2021 challenge: is to locate 25 Spring Wildflowers Species within Seneca County.

Walk & Wread

Storybook Trail 
Garlo Heritage Nature Preserve:
6777 S. SR 19, Bloomville OH 44818     
Each month a new Storybook Trail will be created around Alma Pond for you to walk and read at your leisure. Read six books and at the end of the year, turn in your card to the library to receive a prize! Cards available at the beginning of the trail and at the library. Co-sponsored with Bliss Public Library, Bloomville.

Walking Stick Program

Join us for one of our many hikes & walks! See programs page for more details.

Take a Hike!

Two hikes are offered each month.  One hike is at Garlo Heritage Nature Preserve and is a "Nature Walk Bird Talk".  The second hike is always at a different nature preserve with a different theme.  Attend 4 hikes and earn your walking stick.  Attend another four hikes and earn a medallion and so on.

Just sign in with the naturalist.  No time limits for earning your walking stick.  Benefits include: getting a little exercise, seeing some awesome wildlife, meeting some new people on the trail and last, but not least, it is fun!



Adventure’s Eve Camp
June 21-24, 2021
Ages: 6-12 years
Cost: $40


Working For Wildlife
June 28-July 2, 2021
Ages: 12-17 years
Cost: $50


Little One’s Nature Days
July 6-8, 2021
Ages: 3-5 years
Cost: $30


Nature Camp
July 19-23, 2021
Ages: 6-12 years
Cost: $50


Adult Nature Camp
August 9-13, 2021
Ages: Adults only please
Cost: $50